The best chiropractic care

Spinal Adjustment

The cornerstone of chiropractic, a spinal adjustment consists of gentle pressure applied to various parts of the spine. This treats subluxed vertebrae – vertebrae that have, for whatever reason, become misaligned. The benefits of spinal adjustments include pain relief, increased use of joints and increased muscular strength.


Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping is a relatively new treatment method that uses breathable, flexible adhesive strips to support muscles in order to reduce pain and facilitate healing. A trained practitioner carefully applies Kinesio Tape around the affected muscle. The unique design of the tape allows the wearer full range of motion, making it a popular choice for treating sports injuries.


Graston Technique®

By using specialized stainless steel instruments and therapeutic exercise, Graston Technique® allows chiropractors to detect soft tissue inflammation. For the patient, this means quicker treatment and recovery. It also treats chronic conditions while reducing the need for medication.