Meet the Doctor

Dr. Ted Harrison knows firsthand the power of chiropractic healing. While playing football at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Harrison sustained a neck injury that stayed with him for almost a year. At the time, he was a Biology major with the intention of going pre-med. However, after meeting a newly-licensed chiropractor who performed an adjustment on Ted that allowed him to turn his head for the first time in many months, he made a decision to pursue chiropractic. He has been committed to it with unrelenting dedication and continuous education ever since.

He attended school during the day and ran a small gym at night. Once licensed, he opened his chiropractic clinic in an adjacent office to the gym and was the first to incorporate chiropractic with stretching and strengthening in a gym setting – a concept that others thought was crazy. The gym is still a key part of North Suburban Healthcare and is used as the rehabilitation center to this day.

Dr. Harrison’s philosophy is: “Do everything I can for the patient.” He is committed to educating himself and strives to learn as much as he can in order to offer his patients the best care. He is currently one of only a few doctors in the country who is a Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist and has also received the Certification of Completion from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego (SRISD) in automobile crash and reconstruction with forensics and risk analysis

When he’s not helping people at his clinic, Dr. Harrison enjoys volunteering with local high school football teams and the Special Olympics. Dr. Harrison’s free time is spent with his wife and four children. He also enjoys golfing and studying World War 2 history.

Additional Clinic Staff

I have lived in the Coon Rapids area for more than 25 years and am proud to call it my home. Having worked in healthcare for the last 25 years, I’m very excited to call NSHC my new home. I love coming to work every day knowing that we are helping people feel better. It’s a great feeling watching our patients leave with a smile. The entire staff here at NSHC is committed and excited to help all who walk through our door.


Wellness Coordinator

I am currently studying to earn my Bachelors in business, and I like to spend my free time reaching, traveling, and/or with my family and friends. The NSHC team has become my second family throughout my time as a Front Desk Receptionist with the company. Working in healthcare is such a rewarding experience because I’m able to witness patients make progress every time they come into our clinic. I’m happy to be part of a team that cares so much about the people around them.


Office Assistant

I’m a proud Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and Wellness Coach. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, especially in the woods where I like to run really, really far! I believe it is my purpose to help people feel better and achieve their goals, which I’ve been doing as a professional since I was in college. I was thrilled to join the team at NSHC where I can continue my work in a different way than in the past. It’s absolutely wonderful to see patients leaving feeling better than when they entered our clinic. Everyone on our team contributes to that wellness progression in their own unique, intentional way.


Rehab Specialist

As a team member at NSHC, I have the amazing opportunity to help throughout the process of our patients’ recovery. I have more than 13 years of dedicated experience in massage therapy, trigger point, deep tissue, active release, and energy work. I use these skills to help our patients achieve more mobility while decreasing the pain stemming from the injury. My passion and focus have always been in injury rehabilitation and medical massage.


Massage Therapist


I’m from a small town in northern Minnesota called Menahga, but currently reside in Ramsey with my boyfriend and two dogs. When I’m not practicing massage therapy, I enjoy walking my dogs, reading, hunting, and fishing. Being a Massage Therapist is such a rewarding career in that I’m helping people every day. I feel I have a purpose and am genuinely proud to work with Dr. Ted, as he truly cares about his patients. I am constantly learning new things and exploring numerous avenues that a career in massage therapy offers.


Massage Therapist

I'm Keighley Nicole, a certified personal trainer with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology. Fitness and wellness are a huge passion of mine, and I don't know where I would be at without them. My mission is to instill the passion that I have into the lives of as many others as I can.

Growing up, I was in athletics and always super competitive. My involvement in sports is what sparked my passion for fitness and healthy living. After I was done playing sports competitively, I got into powerlifting and competed in that for several years. Alongside of school and my strength and conditioning program in college (I played collegiate soccer), I grew an abundance of knowledge on exercise, nutrition, proper lifting mechanics, and building muscle techniques. Now, I am able to share my knowledge to help educate, inspire, and empower others to achieve their own health goals.

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