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How Does Chiropractic Care Differ From Western Medicine?

Ultimately, chiropractors and Western medicine, or 'traditional', doctors have one similar goal: to take care of their patients with the utmost safety and effective solutions. What separates the two professions are distinct specialties of study in each discipline that are learned and practiced to treat patients, often varying in ethics and experimentation. However, the good news is that both chiropractors and traditional doctors have benefits, so you're in good hands either way!

Taking a closer look at the specifics of a chiropractor, these highly-trained individuals practice alternative medicine and specialize in ailment diagnosis and treatment, as well as preventative care of certain neuromusculoskeletal system disorders that involve muscles, soft tissue, nerves, and bones. The view on this type of medicine is rooted in the idea of helping the body heal itself. Any active individual can develop a misaligned back, spine, or neck, severely limiting posterior functionality and the amount of activity one can do without feeling pain. That's why we want to educate you on just four of the most common strengths or advantages of the chiropractic field of treatment:

Spinal adjustments

For more than a century, proper alignment of the spine is among the most famous chiropractic techniques used to date. The purpose of a spinal adjustment is to correct vertebral subluxations, which is the term given to the signs and symptoms resulting from abnormal alignment of one's vertebrae. To put it simply, spinal adjustments aim to improve the placement of the spine, along with the function or motion of any vertebral joint. Among many approaches, chiropractors use various methods to perform an adjustment, some of which include a lumbar roll, Toggle drop, and table and instrument adjustments.

Increased range of motion

Advantageously proceeding the previous benefit of chiropractic care, once injured or strained muscles are strengthened again, they are in a better position (literally) to increase active range of motion (ROM) in that area. ROM is how far one can move their joints in different directions, and can be increased by consistently performing specific exercises and stretches. This is imperative because ROM exercises help to move each targeted joint through its full capacity, which can help keep the joints flexible, less inflamed, strong, and well-balanced. It's important that you consult with your chiropractors and work together to create an exercise or rehabilitation plan that will specifically recover as much of the ROM that a person had before an accident/injury as possible.

[Musculoskeletal] Pain management

Chiropractors are trained extensively to locate and, further, correct many serious nervous system stressors or problems in their patients. This is one of the most universal, logical reasons that individuals seek chiropractic treatment for ailments and injuries, as their primary goal is immediate pain relief or management. With chiropractic care, the muscles around the nerves are strengthened and a patient is advised and educated on the proper care of their body moving forward.

Additional summarized benefits of chiropractic treatment in comparison to Western medicine:

  • Faster recovery time

  • Improved flexibility

  • Greater sense of relaxation and comfort

  • Decreased or complete cessation of muscle spasms

  • Blood circulation improvement helps oxygen and nutrients to better flow throughout the body


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